Animals, Ethics & Christianity

Do Nature and Christianity Share the Same God?

by Matthew Priebe.

Animals have not always fared well at the hands of Christians. Because the Bible is assumed to give human beings permission to use animals in any way we wish, animals have been killed, skinned, neglected, sheared, milked, imprisoned, tested, and used for transportation, burden bearing, medicine, amusement, and breeding. Because of this man-over-animal mindset, many animals are inhumanely treated because "they don't feel pain" or it just doesn't matter.

This book takes another look at the man-animal relationship, not on the basis of "rights", either of humans or animals, but from the perspective of the Bible. It asks the question, "How should a Christian, professing to live like Christ, treat the animals over which he or she has been given dominion?"

This topic is available both in book form and in a newly produced slide-show DVD. The DVD contains extensive Spirit of Prophecy statements that are not included in the book.

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